The best perspective to discover the beauties of the green heart of Italy!
Umbria is an open-air museum, here the works of art are scattered everywhere, up the hills, in the streets and in the alleys of the villages; the tour from above on the skies of Assisi and other historical places, will give you a unique and unforgettable experience.

1 night in a double room
typical breakfast at one of the most renowned wineries of Umbria, with tasting of typical products
balloon flight duration 1 hour

€ 430 for 2 people                                                                                                                                                           the offer is available in june and july

request more information about the offer at

Balloon Adventures Italy is the only hot-air balloon company authorized by the National Civil Aviation Authority (Certificate of Air Operators I-169B) that operates in central Italy, that is to say in the area between Rome and Assisi.
Peter has more than 3500 passenger flights on board over the past 26 years. He holds a world record in ballooning and skydiving, as well as an instructor. He says he has flown practically everywhere, and we have to believe it: he owns the commercial flight license in Italy, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates
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