Our Region

Umbria is an open air museum, where the works of medieval Gothic and Romanesque art, unique in the world, are scattered everywhere, in the valleys, above o’er the hills, in the streets and alleys of the perched villages, the poor walls homes, in the bowels of the city: already in the nineteenth century., the American writer Henry James invited the visitors to “walk everywhere very slowly and aimlessly”. Thousands among the basilicas, abbeys, hermitages, convents, churches, of Country Churches, Temples, Cathedrals, public-historic and noble private, patrician villas, Castles, Fortresses, Towers, Hypogeum, Wells, Bridges and Mills describe the more authentic face of the Region .

Assisi and the Spirituality

Umbria, land of great anagogic contents, homeland of spirituality in the world.

ASSISI, presidium of religion, soul House, Gate of Heaven.

Taketh his name “not say Assisi, who would say little, But Orient, if he properly would speak vole” (Paradiso, Dante Alighieri).
Probably the mysticism of this land, the time of the XIII century., Was known throughout the developed world, to the point to indicate it as Heaven’s Gate, Road to Paradise.

In fact, whoever from the chaos, stress, worries and everyday anxieties, from the greyness of material life, the despair for the loss of values, violence and social iniquities, tired of chasing illusions and false ideals and ephemeral, like those incessantly proposed by the media, hungry for peace, truth and knowledge, in need of finding himself, he approaches with humility for the first time in these holy places, feels pervaded by an inexplicable serenity; suddenly feels viewer to an archaic world that is within him, a world he knows well, but for the first time sees the truth.

A world made of simple things: trees, rocks, grass, rain, wind, perhaps even cold, mud, animals, insects, poor houses, blue and sun, maybe even hot, but for the first time you feel part of them and if you stop to think deeper, in that moment, that seems to expand over time, understand the need and the beauty of it all. Here, finally, do you feel in your real dimension: a speck in the universe.

Everything has a reason to exist, too, but contrary to what you believed before, you’re not the center of creation, you are not life, you do not decide, not commands. It ‘s true you live, like everything else, but in symbiosis, in harmony with everything else. You need everything and everything was waiting for you! Life is in all things and above all, that is why the ant that you crush with your foot or the bee that buzzes around you has the right to life. Their life is your own! A perfect, delicate balance.