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Yesterday was the ruin of an old farm building used as a hen house, tool shed and barn. E ‘it was entirely renovated with local stone and old oak beams; for added enjoyment immense greenery around, the walls were chiefly replaced by large windows supported by oak trunk frames: the result is spectacular, day scenery of meadows and woods around us, not a machine, only green

The Winery

In spring and summer it is the perfect place for breakfast: a large outdoor terrace, equipped with tables, chairs and umbrellas, overlooking the Tescio and woods, pleasantly heated by the warm morning sun. Within (a former Stalletta renovated) an inviting display of local wines and local products such as oils, truffles, truffle sauces, tozzetti we produce, etc.

The Bar

Rationally located lateral to the front desk, behind the great medieval hall, with access from an old stone portal, it is always open and available for your cocktail. Cheese tasting and craft norcinerie with tasting of excellent white and Umbrian red wines.

Medieval Dinner

It ‘s time more exciting and fascinating, that arises a powerful attraction and pleasure: The village changes, the golden light and mild sunset’ white and pink stones of the houses, the atmosphere is fabulous. Slowly comes an ancient sound of bagpipes, drums and trumpets, a mysterious romance is detuned by a group of musicians straight from the Pinturicchio painting. The tale begins, you feel as if you were by magic in an old tavern of the deep 1400; Everything is medieval, the courses, the old recipes, the lost flavors and poignant songs that pierce the heart. Only a dream night, exciting and unforgettable.

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