The crisp and oxygenated air of the Apennines and the tranquility of the hills in Assisi landscape, constitute an indispensable invitation to live Madrenatura in its ideal size: leave peacefully engage with the innocent heart of a child who experiments with amazement the munificità of his gifts. So we can bask in a run in the woods, an exerciser green path attezzato, a tour by mountain-bikes, swim in the pool, swimming in Tescio and then a relaxing time basking in the warm sun of Subasio.
In “The Oaks of Assisi” gates fatigue and stress of your work in the city: Fitness, Fitness way “Naturae”, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna with a contrast shower and finally a beneficial massage.


Discreet and reserved, is the stunning location of the pool, a sapphire mounted among emeralds, an architectonic jewel totally surrounded by greenery, a beautiful balcony with a breathtaking view on the Subasio.
Built in 2003 with the most modern principles of electronic disinfection system sea salt (without chlorine gas emissions), multiple filtering sand, whirlpool system with 4 seats with separate pumping controlled by two buttons on the poolside, it was entirely made local stone. The Romanesque arch of the original ruins of a destroyed building. The few old olive trees, new ones have been added similar. To the north, in the stone a place designed to benessere.aradiso center “was obtained


Take a bet with yourself, aim for the whole period of your holiday in “The Oaks of Assisi” activity gymnastics, Compete day by day with sports equipment in the fitness trail “Naturae”. It runs along the contour of the Tescio, adjacent to sow the field, in the shadow of the ancient and majestic poplars, removed from the lush and luxuriant nature, the green route provides an athletic performance and as many as 15 stages with gymnastic exercises explained and equipped. So on … Come on, will and character … and You will feel powerful, loved and pampered.


(Open from April to September)

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday is used to recharge the body, mind and spirit, it serves to create a reserve of peace, well-being and serenity, where the mind can take refuge at times of stress and discomfort of compulsory everyday.

A slower pace, a later awakening, a quiet dinner (slow food), a relaxing walk in the woods, an afternoon nap, a chat with friends and half a glass of good wine, reflective reading of a poem in the shade of an old oak, a dip in the pool and two strokes, and why not! Half an hour of Finnish Sauna with family or friends of the heart, a shower with oriental perfumes or a soothing massage, gently laid in the hands of an art oriental philanthropic, wise and ancient as human history ?!

These are the most congenial rhythms to you, what suits you, what is more worthy of your person, in counterbalance to so much daily effort?


The sports activities that can be practiced within the Village are: Mountain bikes, Table Tennis, Bowling, Trekking, Jogging, Swimming, Fitness Path

Nearby sports activities:

Riding lessons and horseback riding tours with a licensed instructor
Mr. Stefano Bartolini, loc. “Paradise”

Taxi service agreement: Mr Paul – Tel: 335-6350090

Rental medieval clothes to attend the suggestive evocation of Assisi-folk “May Day”

telephone request visiting Doctor, on holidays

fax service at reception, with a charge of only one phone shopping

Sevizio booking and telephone commissions, to external entities, to be made at reception with the only charge of the telephone expense

press service maps and guides to hiking, depending on their availability – Better if you book in advance

Availability of a cot in the room

maid service daily room (included in HB or BB prices). housekeeping apartments reservation (fee in case of rent)
Linen change every two days

Internet service (ADSL) in reception (FREE)

Safe service at reception with warranty. Safe Room service (only in designated residences), following a request

Storage for luggage and temporary storage of objects (by prior arrangement)

Laundry and ironing service on charge on request and to be agreed at reception

turndown service special meals to be agreed beforehand with the kitchen staff


Convention Riding school and horseback Horse with authorized instructor: Company “Defendente Club” – Rivotorto of Assisi – Mrs. Manuela – tel 333 2302751 – tel 347 9714974 – Price on request

Convention for buying antiques and antiques: “La Bottega” of Granci Arnaldo, Industrial Zone (Regnano) – Città di Castello – Tel. 075 8558415 (Price resellers reserved for us)

for purchasing Umbrian artistic pottery Convention.
In Assisi:
• Company Marrani – Via S. Francesco 12 / A – tel. 075816107
In Deruta:
• Enterprises Department Maioliche Ficola – Street of Old Ship – tel. 0759724042 or 0759724044

Those who choose a holiday in the gentle Apennine hills of central Italy, knows what she wants. It ‘a person aware the need of the body, mind and spirit that chooses to passively conform to new rhythms of nature and take without asking, a hike in the woods, or in the natural wonders of the surroundings (on foot or by mountain- byke), a visit to the incredible medieval architecture scattered everywhere in Umbria, a side trip to charming antique markets, wine tasting in medieval taverns, open in countless spring and summer festivals, a canoe descent of the river Corno in the green and inviolate Valnerina , a day of adventure to Marmore Falls or Mount Cucco. But still better to stay in “The Oaks of Assisi” to enjoy a sunny morning, lying lazily in the pool, or a relaxing Finnish sauna or a good reading light lying in the shade of an olive tree, while your infant darts free and safe pei gardens and the fabulous game park adjacent to the pool.


Viable recreational activities are:

Hiking in the woods

outdoor excursions (for details click on the button TRIPS)

Trout fishing in Tescio

Collecting mushrooms and truffles


Tub (in the summer, into tub next to the pool)

children playground

Animal watching


The playground, suitable for children from 2 to 14 years under parental control, is allocated in the sports & relaxation area, adjacent to the pool and sports fields, ideally placed to enable adults to practice during the day sports activities or favorite recreational, one step away from fun activities for children. It ‘a tower complex with entertaining access, mobile bridge, lift net, of various heights slides, swings, a gym Multi Game, 2 spring toys for toddlers, a large wading pool in shockproof material, with games d ‘water for the enjoyment of young and old. The games and their areas are certified according to the law.


It’s the ideal place for life in the wild of any animal, domestic ones and poultry, however, should be adequately defended by Volpi, Faine, Wolves, etc. Crows. that here in the Subasio are protected species and together with boars, are increasing significantly. The farm therefore, is not at all easy; frequent raids, indeed, daily decimate the leaders.
Animals in the wild that still manage to keep are: Horses, ponies, two lovely donkeys, Goats Milk and Tibetan, a dozen Daini upward in the woods and then again 4 cutest Puppies, a group of docile kittens and two young peacocks.
A handful of Sheep herd the geese, the ducks, the Pigs, the hens, the Pharaoh and Tacchini, in antivolpe fences.
We can accommodate pets allowed, only if small-medium in size and meek. Ask for info at reception.